Hyundai Logo

Hyundai cars are the second largest auto manufacture. It is the Korean based company and established in the year of 1996. The company success story is based on its performance and quality. Hyundai cars are giving the strong competition to the other segments and it is estimated that more 500 of Hyundai car sold every month in India. It has wide expansion of dealership network in all over India. Hyundai Motor has launched a great number of Hyundai passenger cars in India. Including Hyundai Santro, Hyundai Getz, Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Verna, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Tucson and more are some famous and popular Hyundai cars. 

Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo Hyundai Logo
Let’s talk about its most Interesting and exciting cars are Hyundai Getz and Hyundai Accent. Both cars have its USP and features. Hyundai Accent is well known in the Indian Market for its performance. It is only available in the versions of LPG, Petrol and Diesel. Hyundai Accent GLE, Hyundai Accent GLS, Hyundai Accent Viva, Hyundai Accent Viva CRDi and Hyundai Accent CRDi are some variants. The car has is embedded with all latest and luxurious features. It will easily satisfy the all needs of the car owner.

Car Logos

A car logo is a symbol or text that represents the identity of a particular type of car. Today, the car market is flooded with different brands and models. Car logos will help you to distinguish one brand from another. Logos serve as unique visual marks of identity of a company. They help companies gain product recognition in the world market. In general, logos reflect the individuality of the company. Logos should be simple and thoughtfully designed to appeal the target customer. As cars are speed lovers? vehicles, their logo should have a strong virile look.

Commonly, three types of car logos are used - symbol logo, text logo, and combination logo. In symbol logos, special designs or symbols are used to represent the brand. Popular car companies like Citroen, Ferrari, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Renault, Porsche, Subaru, and Koenigsegg have symbols for their logos. These symbols have ingrained deep into people?s mind all over the world. In text logos, the initials or the names of the companies are written in a particular style. Text logos are used by many famous car companies such as Fiat, Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Combination logo is a blend of symbols and texts. They place symbols and text in juxtaposition to make memorable logos. Popular car brands like Alfa Romeo, Audi, Maserati, Skoda, Lamborghini, Panoz, Cizeta, Lotus, Rover, and BMW make effective use of symbol-text combinations.

Car Logos Car Logos Car Logos Car Logos Car Logos Car Logos Car Logos Car Logos Car Logos
Car logos come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Car logo stickers are used as fundraisers for clubs, schools, or teams. Today, car logos appear even on t-shirts, caps, bags and other accessories. A gift item printed with car logos can make a great gift to any speed lover.

Lotus Logo

The British sport car manufacture, Lotus Cars, creates high performance cars and car parts in its England factory. First established in the early fifties, the company was founded by Chapman, an engineer who named the new motor company Lotus Engineering Ltd. Two years after the formation of the company, the group segmented into two, with the team Lotus competing successfully in F1 racing for many decades. Seven years after its initially formation the Lotus company was evolved into the Lotus groups of companies, composing of the road car geared section - Lotus cars Ltd, and the performance car section of the group - Lotus Components' Ltd.

Using parts of the old RAF base runway, the new factory and testing area is located in Hethel, after moving to the new location in the famous year for the English, 1966. In the late fifties the company had also relocated to a modern and bespoke facility in Cheshunt. The founder of the original Lotus Company, Chapman, sadly passed away in his mid fifties from a heart attack. Having transformed not only his beloved company, but also his life, Chapman went from a modest beginning as an inn-keepers child to an extremely wealthy man who had experienced great success from his cars on the Formula One circuits. Building thousands of highly successful cars and winning the F1 championships seven times, Chapman was responsible for a truly success company and racing group. 
Lotus Logo Lotus Logo Lotus Logo Lotus Logo Lotus Logo Lotus Logo Lotus Logo Lotus Logo Lotus Logo
After initially buying Lotus in the mid eighties, GM sold off the company in 1993 to a holdings company owned by the Bugatti motor company, Artioli. The selling price was thirty million pounds, later seeing Artioli sell a major stake of the company to Proton. Proton, a Malaysian based car manufacture was established in 1983, controlled by the former PM, Mahathir Mohamad.

A lucrative aspect of the Lotus business is its consultancy services for other car and motor manufactures who seek help with suspension and engines. Often behind the development of the four cylinder engine found in many other makes under the GM umbrella, Lotus has developed engines for Vauxhalls and Saab cars, although outsourcing from Toyota for the iconic Elise model. Currently Lotus is split into two groups, the Lotus Cars Group, and the Lotus Engineering Group.

Car Logos And Brands

Branding is a very important marketing tool for any business. Car logos are an obvious part of your branding in your automotive business. Having one can strengthen customer recall and therefore higher sales and repeat transactions. These visual tools are very powerful that even with the small investment needed to have one it can give you big returns. Car Logos can easily represent what your business is. You just have to let it speak in your behalf. You need to give extra care in conceptualizing and designing this as this will give your business its identity to the public.

Famous car logos are everywhere. Popular car brands have maximized this. Today you can easily differentiate cars that are built with quality in mind like Mercedes, BMW and even Ferrari. This is the power of having an emblem that is directly associated to your brand.

If you have a car dealership business your logo can easily solidify the existence of your business. If you make it a point that the cars you sold have the logo of your dealership this further increases your influence and command in your target market. Car dealership logos should be aligned to the basic principles of your business. If you are selling top of the line brands this must be eloquently communicated in your logo.

Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands Car Logos And Brands
Used car sales can also take advantage of business logos. The competition today in this business is tougher. The key for success in this environment is to have used car logos that can differentiate you from the competition. When everybody has all the same gimmicks, recall would be a very important element.

Car rental logos work the same way. If you are in a place that has many car rental services you can improve your chances of landing more clients than other car rental businesses in your territory by having a logo.

Car logos are no doubt one of the most cost efficient advertising available to a businessman in the automotive industry. To start your pursuit to have one you can look up in the internet and take a peek in some free logo designs you can use as the inspiration for your own logo.